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Headquartered in Malaysia, we leverage on Malaysia as a hub to expand the businesses of our Enablers and Merchants to the fast growing South East Asian region.

Source : National E-Commerce Strategic Roadmap

In Malaysia, eCommerce contribution to the economy has been growing steadily and is expected to double from RM68Billion to RM114Billion without any government intervention. However, the Gov-ernment of Malaysia aims to more than double the eCommerce contribution to RM170+Billion through a number of strategic interventions which has been outlined in the National e-Commerce Strategic Roadmap. This includes the roll-out of the Digital Free Trade Zone, the world’s first digital global trade platform outside of China.

Source : National E-Commerce Strategic Roadmap

As part of these strategic interventions, the government intends to increase the number of businesses that currently sell online by Accelerating Seller Adoption of eCommerce as outlined under thrust 1 of the NeSR. This strategic intervention targets to almost triple the eCommerce Adoption among SME’s from 130k SME’s in 2015 to 350k SME’s by 2020.

Commerce.Asia sees Omnichannel commerce or “New Retail” as key to driving the growth of eCommerce adoption within Malaysia as Omnichannel Commerce will integrate the various online,offline and logistics components of retail as below:

We intend to become a leading catalyst for omnichannel commerce enablement
in Malaysia and South East Asia.

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