Commerce.Asia Capital is a Omnichannel Commerce focussed strategic investor that primarily invests in Omnichannel Commerce Enablers and Merchants.

Commerce.Asia Capital provides companies within the Omnichannel Commerce space with the capital to grow while providing strategic guidance and mentorship to the entrepreneurs of these companies. We also strive to create synergies within our portfolio companies and to leverage on the technologies developed within our portfolio to provide integrated solutions to ecosystem participants.

  • Industry Focus & Strategic Guidance

    Commerce.Asia’s has identified six focussed service sectors within the Omnichannel Commerce industry that it will invest in, namely:

    1. Marketing services,
    2. Rating & Credit services;
    3. Data Exchange & Statistical services;
    4. Logistic services;
    5. Financial services;
    6. Risk and Fraud Prevention Services.

    We invest into companies within these six sectors while providing strategic guidance on growing these companies based on the experiences of our team and similar companies within our porfoli.

  • Anchor & Baby Model

    Our investments are based on an “anchor and baby” model. ‘Anchor’ refers to large platforms that have pools of customers. ‘Baby’ refers to smaller companies with services and products that will integrate to Anchors to leverage on the Anchor’s customer base while generating revenue that will be shared between the Anchors and Babies.

    Anchors and babies will be grouped to focus on each of the services sector(s) within ComTech. Anchor’s and babies could be merged to create bigger platforms or exits through public offererring.

  • Synergy & Value Creation

    We strive to create synergy within its portfolio companies by encouraging partnerships and technology integrations within our portfolio. We also integrate the technologies of our portfolio to create new solutions for ecosystem participants.

    We intend to become the ‘gel and glue’ that links the myriad of technologies and services within our portfolio to create value for merchants and customers.

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