Enriching South East Asia’s Omnichannel Commerce Ecosystem

Who We Are

Commerce.Asia is a South East Asian ecosystem builder that assists SMEs, Brands & Micro-entrepreneurs to sell online by providing them with end to end omnichannel commerce solutions.
Commerce.Asia develops these solutions by integrating best of breed technologies from Technology Enablers. Commerce.Asia brings together these Technology Enablers by making strategic investments, providing guidance and mentorship to them.

What We Do

Mentorship, Investment & Market Access
for Technology Enablers
One Stop Solution & Advisory
for SMEs, Brands & Micro-entrepreneurs

Our Strategy

Commerce.Asia has developed a Total Ecosystem Support Strategy or “TESS” comprising of three core pillars namely; Commerce.Asia Enterprise, Commerce.Asia Capital & Commerce.Asia Accelerator.

One Stop Omnichannel eCommerce Solution for SMEs & Brands


Strategic Investment for Technology Enablers


Growth Acceleration Program for SMEs, Brands & Professionals

Our Solutions

According to Google & Temasek’s e-Conomy SEA Spotlight, The South East Asian e-commerce sector is expected to grow from US$10.9Billion in 2017 to US$88.1Billion by 2025. Be part of this growth by using our comprehensive & seamless solutions:


One Stop Omnichannel eCommerce Solution, Managed Services & Advisory.

For SMEs & Brands



Free eCommerce Platform with everything you need to start your online business in just a few clicks.

For Micro-Entrepreneurs



Integrated online shipping solution to prepare shipment orders, print airway bills, make payment and track packages.

For Shippers

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