Growth Acceleration Program for SMEs, Brands & Professionals

Commerce.Asia has signed a partnership with GrowthX, a Silicon Valley based Accelerator to operate its Market Acceleration program and Growth Academy in Malaysia.
The Silicon Valley Headquartered Accelerator will provide the Curriculum, Expertise, Experience, and Track Record to support the program for product-market fit companies in Malaysia.

The Ecosystem

Our Flagship Program

Market Acceleration Program

The cost and complexity of product development has been drastically reduced and has become more predictable. Consequently, the biggest risk for most startups has shifted from prototyping a product to getting it to market. The MXP is designed to help founders develop, test and validate hypotheses at every stage of the market development process. That equates to less time and capital required to learn whether and when you can achieve product-market fit.

Product Market Fit 

The only sustainable way to find product-market fit is through the continuous give-and-take between the startup and its customers. Founders must methodically go through a process to learn how customers will acquire and use their product. We call this Market Development and it differs from sales. Sales is the pursuit of revenue for the purpose of profit; market development is the pursuit of revenue for the purpose of learning.
Rather than hiring a “coin operated” sales leader to follow conventional wisdom, the market development process focuses on enabling the startup to organise itself so it can learn from customers and then respond to them. Unlike traditional accelerators that teach founders how to build a minimally viable product and raise money; the MXP teaches our founders how to market their product and make money.

Resource Review

  1. Organisation Mapping
  2. Marketing and Sales Process Analysis
  3. Initial Marketing and Sales Technology Stack Assembly

Market Discovery

  1. Customer Account Mapping
  2. Pipeline Reviews
  3. Ideal Customer Profile(s)
  4. Funnel Analysis

Market Messaging

  1. Customer Interviews
  2. Unique Selling Proposition Frameworking
  3. Unique Value Proposition Frameworking
  4. Attraction Messaging

Market Outreach

  1. Campaign Creation
  2. Campaign Execution
  3. Channel Strategy
  4. Market Response Analysis
  5. Messaging and Outreach Iteration

Resource Review

  1. Organisation Mapping
  2. Marketing and Sales Process Analysis
  3. Initial Marketing and Sales Technology Stack Assembly

GrowthX Academy trains individuals who want to transition into a career in Sales and Business Development, Growth Marketing or UX Design. Our world class instructors are entrepreneurs, founders, business owners and investors who teach the skills, mindsets and frameworks necessary in today’s competitive environment. Our mission is to help students acquire the job they love at a company they’ll love working at.

UX Design

Become a highly sought after creative, skilled at developing user experiences by learning from top designers.

The curriculum includes:

1.The Foundations of UX Design

2.Design Research

3.Analysis, Synthesis, & Exploration

4.Iterative Design

5.Testing & Validation

6.Story, Interviewing, & Portfolio

Growth Marketing

Become a top-notch growth marketer by learning cutting edge strategies for user acquisition and retention taught by industry experts.

The curriculum includes:

1.Technical Marketing

2.Product & Viral Loops

3.Design & UX Fundamentals

4.Messaging & Copywriting

5.Branding & Storytelling

6.Growth Marketing Framework

7.User Acquisition, Retention and Engagement


9.Data Analysis

10.Startup Business and Marketing

Sales & Business Development

Become exceptional at entrepreneurial selling by learning how to build systems for predictable revenue based on top companies.

The curriculum includes:

1.Startup Business and Marketing

2.The Sales Funnel

3.Industry, Customers and The Buying Process

4.Sales Models and Sales Processes

5.Business Development

6.Sales Management and Operations




GrowthX Academy gave me deep knowledge on how to sell products that people want and how to scale a business. Not only did we learn valuable sales skills for selling to enterprises, the information that I learned have give me confidence in a changing startup environment. Everything I learned was instantly applicable and practical.



The GrowthX team cares and is invested in your success. It’s not always smooth, but the execution is always there. My only regret is not doing this when I first made the career transition in the start-up world 3 years ago- the skills and knowledge would have been very helpful.

Let’s Take It to the Next Level!