Housewives Can Make Money without Capital Online.

Being a wife is never easy. Sharing your life with a partner is a big decision that will impact both your lives.

When the decision is then made to become a housewife, for whatever reasons, it comes with its own expectations, ups and downs.

On the up side, you will get to spend more time at home with your loved one – be that your children, or your parents, or being able to focus get some time off for yourself.

On the down side, going from a double income household, to a single income household can be a difficult adjustment. You will need to work on your finances, be more careful on spending and purchasing.

Understanding that you now have restricted finances, it is only natural that you will start thinking about earning extra income and not have to go back to work.  The one thing that you do have, is some extra time, thus the easiest thing you can do is leverage on the time factor.

Here are some of the things a housewife can do, to earn extra money online.

1) Teach your skills – Were you ever great in piano? Sewing? Arts? Baking cookies? Well, you can put that skill to good use and give classes. Offer classes on your Facebook page, or Facebook Mummy Groups. How do you conduct the classes? Film it. Get a smart phone and a little smartphone stand. You can do it in between your kid’s nap times for an hour or two. Write down a little flow of what you want to teach, how the class will start and finish. Start recording. After that, post it on your Facebook first, to see how it goes. Then when you get more comfortable and good at it, post it on YouTube. Try making an episode every week. Try it, you will never know how good or popular your home classes can get on the internet. Once it gets popular, you can make money from views, and eventually selling products that are featured in your classes


2) Write something –  Hear me out on this. If you always had a flair in thinking creatively, and laughing about it to your friends over a coffee or a drink, you should consider writing about it. Start with a topic that you are familiar with – parenting. Write about the ups and downs of parenthood. There are many parents out there who will relate to you.  Start small. Sign up for a free blog or even just writing Notes on your Facebook page. Then write about the small daily things that you think are funny or sad. Do it during when you are having some quiet time over coffee. Then share your thoughts. Ask your friends and family to have a read. Get some feedback, then keep at it. If you have a writing voice, it will slowly but surely make itself heard.


3) Declutter and sell – Look around your home. I will guarantee you that you will find things that you have no need for, but is just sitting there taking up space. You will find that door gift from your best friend’s wedding that you never used, or perhaps a used printer that is still in great condition, but you have stopped printing anything since moving to virtual everything. How about those dresses you bought thinking you will wear it someday, but some day never came? Sell them all! There are several online portals that allow you to sell off your items. Just download the app, register and you are on your way to selling and decluttering.


4) Buy and Re-sell – Ok, this method does take a bit of capital, so this is not for everyone. But yes, you heard me. Malaysia is well known for our “warehouse sales”. From branded shoes to kitchenware, if it is really at 90% off, buy some and re-sell it online.


5) Dropshipping – What is dropshipping? It is where you sell products and have it delivered from the merchant directly to the customer. Dropshipping is a great way to start selling online too, without capital. What you will need is to find a good webstore provider, and then a dropshipper catalogue. After that, just start advertising all those items that you like, onto your store. You can even share it on Facebook. Once you have a sale, you just need to instruct the merchant to deliver the item directly to your customer. You do not need to hold any inventory and have any risks of overstocking.  There are many dropshipping websites out there, but the one that I find to be great to use with a tonne of free add-ons is this one called Igniter.Asia. Their catchy tagline is “Everything you need to sell for Free”. I think this is one of the better dropshipping websites out there because it gives you a free webstore without the need for credit cards or registration. After that, you pick the products you want from their dropshipping catalogue and you activate it for sale. The next cool feature Igniter.Asia has is that you then sync it to your Facebook page (so you can sell on social media), and also it has a payment gateway (so your buyers can just pay immediately through the system).  Once your buyer pays, you don’t even need to do anything else. Igniter’s system will process the order and send the product directly to your buyer too. How amazing is that?

So there you go, 5 great ways of selling online without any capital.

Do you have other suggestions of making money with no capital? Please share with us your ideas.

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