By Karamjit Singh | | Mar 25, 2018 AMONG the first questions he got asked was about the timing of an IPO. This brought a smile to Ganesh Kumar Bangah’s face. Urging patience, he reminded the journalist who posed the question, that he had only launched his new company, Commerce DotAsia Ventures Sdn Bhd (Commerce.Asia) about a year ago. The company has been operating in stealth mode until the March 21 launch of

By Anushia Kandasivam | Mar 22, 2018

  • A one-stop e-commerce solution for SMEs to build their online business
  • Strategic investments and sharing opportunities to enable more growth

MALAYSIAN commerce technology venture builder Commerce.Asia Ventures launched its flagship offering Commerce.Asia Enterprise on March 21. The e-commerce solution was developed with the specific purpose of enabling small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to move their business online quickly and efficiently. “There is great potential for e-commerce

The good track record of

In a retail ecosystem that is getting increasingly complex and competition driven, everyone wants to get their strategy right. It forms the very core of business decision-making today. This involves evolution in a large part. The ability for retailers to embrace offline & online as the core business models on an equal level is imminent. Consumers increasingly embrace digital technologies and devices in all stages of their buying journey. Digital is integrated with off-line shopping

Being a wife is never easy. Sharing your life with a partner is a big decision that will impact both your lives. When the decision is then made to become a housewife, for whatever reasons, it comes with its own expectations, ups and downs. On the up side, you will get to spend more time at home with your loved one – be that your children, or your parents, or being able to focus get