The Rise of Omnichannel Commerce

In a retail ecosystem that is getting increasingly complex and competition driven, everyone wants to get their strategy right. It forms the very core of business decision-making today.

This involves evolution in a large part. The ability for retailers to embrace offline & online as the core business models on an equal level is imminent.

Consumers increasingly embrace digital technologies and devices in all stages of their buying journey. Digital is integrated with off-line shopping behaviour and retailers are advised to equip themselves to be omnichannel commerce enabled.

But what is Omnichannel Commerce. The commerce ecosystem today has evolved tremendously from the traditional methods of selling from a physical store or brick mortar.  A new breed of electronic commerce or ecommerce sellers emerged. This pushed brick & mortar sellers to also start embracing the e-channels to offer their products. This rapid expansion to multiple channels, fuelled further by high customer demand, a new commerce stratosphere was in demand.

Enter Omnichannel Commerce; the ecosystem comprising of two core components; sales channels & technology enablers. Sales channels are webstores, marketplaces & social media stores whereas technology enablers comprises of among others, payment gateway, loyalty platforms, e-aggregator platforms, digital marketing platforms, integrated inventory management & warehousing solutions as well as shipping solutions. This complete system enables SMEs, Brands and Micro-entrepreneurs to sell on multiple online channels seamlessly & hassle free.

But with all these solutions & technology readily available, why then only a fraction of retailers have opted in? The challenges are multi-facetted:

  • High cost of obtaining, implementing & utilizing various solutions & technology.
  • Lack of knowledge on what applies & works best for individual retailers.
  • Inability to understand & optimize due to complexity of technology.
  • Lack of time from a rigid & hectic business operations.


The conclusion

These pain points ensure that while the opportunities are abundant for retailers in the new-age omnichannel commerce ecosystem, nobody is empowering them with a comprehensive set of technology & solutions for them to achieve these new goalposts seamlessly. The four challenges clearly spells out the lack of a end to end platform that understands & caters exactly to them.


What we did about it

Over the last couple of years, we have been gathering these specialised insights from the market. The obvious narrative is that the lines between retailers and solutions & technology with the consumer needs continue to blur in Asia; South East Asia specifically. Brands and consumers may have gone digital but that hasn’t taken away the importance of their offline journeys. Traditional methods still play an important role, being the only channel offering humanised experience to consumers. Hence to create & enrich a complete ecosystem consisting of an array of solutions & technology that caters to all components of commerce online and offline was the key.


At Commerce.Asia we did just that. We  developed a Total Ecosystem Support Strategy or “TESS” comprising of three core pillars namely; Commerce.Asia Enterprise, Commerce.Asia Capital & Commerce.Asia Accelerator becoming the pioneer end to end omnichannel ecommerce solution for the region. Customised to assist SMEs, Brands & Micro-entrepreneurs to sell online without hassle. This was achieved by integrating best of breed technologies from Technology Enablers. We bring together these Technology Enablers by making strategic investments, providing guidance and mentorship to them.

This timely platform enables SMEs & Brands to onboard their businesses & sell on their webstore created by us as well as on multiple marketplaces with payment gateway, integrated warehousing & shipping solutions, all managed by us.


That’s right. Commerce.Asia is pioneering the total omnichannel ecosystem for the region & is fully equipped & committed to a total commerce ecosystem, solving all the pain points faced by SMEs, Brands & Micro-entrepreneurs today while in parallel, growing tech enablers for a stronger ecosystem strategically.  Are you ready to grow your business?


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