Enriching South East Asia’s Omnichannel Commerce Ecosystem

Commerce.Asia is led by an award winning internet entrepreneur and industry veteran with an experienced management team to support him in delivering the Commerce.Asia vision and business plan.

Ganesh Kumar Bangah

Founder & Executive Chairman

Ganesh Kumar Bangah founded Commerce.Asia in 2017 when he conceptualised the Total Ecosystem Support Strategy that has the become the core of Commerce.Asia’s business plan. He currently leads the strategic direction, execution and monitoring of Commerce.Asia’s business plan

Prior to founding Commerce.Asia, Ganesh was the Founder and Executive Chairman of MOL Global Inc., a global payment service provider that became South East Asia’s first Internet Company to be listed on the NASDAQ in 2014. He founded MOL when he was 20 years old and was its CEO for 15 years. While in MOL, he was also a director of MOL Ventures, which invested in some of the world’s biggest social media and mobile internet brands including Facebook, Friendster, and Kakao. Ganesh was certified the Youngest CEO of a listed company in Malaysia by the Malaysian Book of Record when he listed MOL on the Malaysian Stock Exchange in 2003. He was the Ernst & Young Technology Entrepreneur in 2012 and was nominated by Society Magazine 2014 as one the 100 people you must know in Asia.

Besides being a successful internet entrepreneur, Ganesh is a well known industry leader in the Malaysian Information Technology space. He is currently the Chairman of PIKOM, the National ICT Association of Malaysia and is the Chair of E-Commerce Malaysia, a Chapter of PIKOM.

The Leadership Team


Logan Sivanasen

Marketing Director

Logan Sivanasen is the custodian of the Commerce.Asia brand. He is responsible in promoting the Commerce.Asia brand and its sub-brands while generating awareness for the various products that Commerce.Asia has developed.

Logan is a Technology & Retail Marketing professional that has over 10 years of experience translating business initiatives and marketing strategies into bottom-line results in sales, revenue and client growth. He has a distinguished background in driving profitability through the strategic implementation of digital commerce and marketing programs in the retail & technology sectors.

Prior to joining Commerce.Asia, he was Head of Marketing of Ebizu where he was responsible for marketing the first Universal Loyalty Platform manis which managed to acquire more than 1.1 million users within 15 months.

Logan is a member of the International CMO Council.


Alice Foong

General Manager,

Commerce.Asia Accelerator

Alice leads Commerce.Asia Accelerator and is primarily responsible for the operations of the GrowthX Academy & Market Acceleration Program in Malaysia.
Alice is a seasoned operator within the startup space. She was the Chief Operating Office of MIRC Incubator Sdn Bhd in 2008, COO & Director of MAD Incubator Sdn Bhd in 2009 and was on several boards of MAD Incubator subsidiaries from 2010 to 2015. She was also secretariat to the National Incubator Network Association (NINA) between 2009 – 2015.

She was tasked to manage the MSC Malaysia Technology Commercialisation Centre and Bootstrap Accelerator Sdn. Bhd. in 2013. Bootstrap Accelerator is a JV between MAD Incubator Sdn Bhd and BootstrapLabs from the Silicon Valley.


Ong Foo Kiat

Investment Analyst,

Commerce.Asia Capital

Foo Kiat evaluates, oversees and monitors the various investments of Commerce.Asia. His job is to assist Ganesh in ensuring that the details of Commerce.Asia’s various investments are taken care of.

Prior to joining Commerce.Asia, Foo Kiat was with CrowdPlus.asia, one of the 6 licensed Equity Crowd Funding platforms licensed by the Securities Commission of Malaysia. He was involved in setting up the CrowdPlus’s operation and developed its Standard Operating Procedures. He was involved in managing the whole Equity Crowd Funding process and managed to complete 6 equity fundraising exercises within one year.


Vickie Teh

Product Head,

Commerce.Asia Enterprise

Vickie manages the various e-commerce solutions under Commerce.Asia Enterprise including igniter.asia. She spearheads the igniter.Asia solution which helps mothers, undergraduates and young working adults to generate substantial extra income through e-commerce.

She that has more than 18 years of experiences in marketing, purchasing, inventory, material and warehouse management, quality control, operations and production across various industries including automobile, FMCG and furniture. With her vast experience in purchasing, she helps bridge the gap between wholesalers and resellers.

Vickie is an internet influencer that has successfully created multiple Facebook groups that together has more than 3 million resellers. Her motto is ‘Everything can be sold online!’.

The Team

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