We are operating the Silicon Valley developed GrowthX Market Acceleration Program in Malaysia and are the first operator of the GrowthX Accelerator outside of the Silicon Valley.
Market Acceleration
The cost and complexity of product development has been drastically reduced and has become more predictable. Consequently, the biggest risk for most startups has shifted from prototyping a product to getting it to market. The MXP is designed to help founders develop, test and validate hypotheses at every stage of the market development process. That equates to less time and capital required to learn whether and when you can achieve product-market fit.
Product-Market fit The only sustainable way to find product-market fit is through the continuous give-and-take between the startup and its customers. Founders must methodically go through a process to learn how customers will acquire and use their product. We call this Market Development and it differs from sales. Sales is the pursuit of revenue for the purpose of profit; market development is the pursuit of revenue for the purpose of learning.
Rather than hiring a “coin operated” sales leader to follow conventional wisdom, the market development process focuses on enabling the startup to organize itself so it can learn from customers and then respond to them. Unlike traditional accelerators that teach founders how to build a minimally viable product and raise money; the MXP teaches our founders how to market their product and make money.

1 Resource Review

  1. Organization Mapping
  2. Marketing and Sales Process Analysis
  3. Initial Marketing and Sales Technology Stack Assembly

2 Market Discovery

  1. Customer Account Mapping
  2. Pipeline Reviews
  3. Ideal Customer Profile(s)
  4. Funnel Analysis

3 Market Messaging

  1. Customer Interviews
  2. Unique Selling Proposition Frameworking
  3. Unique Value Proposition Frameworking
  4. Attraction Messaging

4 Market Outreach

  1. Campaign Creation
  2. Campaign Execution
  3. Channel Strategy
  4. Market Response Analysis
  5. Messaging and Outreach Iteration

5 Market Results

  1. ICP, Messaging and Outreach Hypotheses Validation
  2. Talent Acquisition Framework
  3. Market Acceleration Playbook
The MXP is rigorous. Companies are required to implement leading tools and proven systems to collect traction data and analyze results. Participants must provide us with clear visibility of the entire revenue pipeline. At the end of each phase, a company must be certified as having successfully completed the requirements to advance to the next phase.

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