Commerce.Asia Markets is a marketplace publishing and order management solution to sell to over 61 marketplaces accross 25 countries worldwide.

Sell Internationally, Easily

  • 25 Marketplaces, 61 Countries

    Sell to 61 countries via 25 international marketplaces through a single point access.

  • Localized Language Translations

    Translate your product listings into the local language of the marketplace you want to trade on.

  • Easy Online Top Up

    Purchase the credits you need and start publishing on marketplaces right away. Credits never expire - we offer total flexibility.

Only four simple steps to go!

Setup your account
Register to set up your free Commerce.Asia Markets account.
List your products
Create your products or import them from your online shop.
Choose your marketplaces
Link your account and publish your product catalogue.
Manage your orders
Manage your orders directly in the platform or feed them into your existing online shop.
Enjoy sales
Enjoy sales from over 61 marketplaces.
Boost your revenues with Commerce.Asia Markets now!
  • Catch More Fish

    Commerce.Asia Markets is your one stop marketplace publishing tool. Publish your catalogue and handle orders from over 61 marketplaces. Gain new customers, increase your sales, earn more.

    Commerce.Asia Markets, your one-stop solution for exporters.

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